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  Digital Household Cocks Egg Incubator

Description Capacity Parts Setting packing

Suitable for incubation different kinds of birds: chicken, quail, duck, goose, pheasant,…
Useful utilization of fertilized eggs
Easy to operate

Find its capacity in the capacity section

Thermo controller Digital
Rotating system Automatic
Three kinds of egg tray for small, medium and large eggs
Indicator lights of gearbox operation
Ventilation system Permanent
Hygrometer One
Heater 220 volt
Body PVC
Two-layer insulation
Watching eggs easily
Special hatchery basket
One year warranty
Five years aftersales service
Ability to hatch all kinds of birds
Ability to hatch ornamental birds
Voltage 220volt AC
Ability to work with battery
Consumption Low, (30 watt)
Washable body
Washable water container
Training CD

Capacity of chicken egg 42 eggs
Capacity of pheasant egg 42 eggs
Capacity of quail egg 120 eggs
Capacity of goose egg 20 eggs
Capacity of duck egg 20 eggs

1. Digital thermo controller

2. Air mixer fan

3. Heater

4. Hygrometer

5. Water container

6. Special water bottle for filling the water container

7. Turning gearbox

8. Egg tray

9. Hatchery basket

10.Egg Candler

Hold the "set" button for few seconds,
By using button ▼ adjust the third digit and then press ▲
Adjust the mid digit by ▼ button .
press ▲ button and adjust the first digit, .
Press the "set" button and exit.

All the settings have been done in the factory.

Weight: 5 kg
Packing dimensions: 50*50*27 cm