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 Easy Cocks egg incubator - 220 Volt

Description Capacity Parts Setting Packing

Easy cocks with 3 turning gearboxes, ( each shelves has a separate gearbox without any Disturbing noise) ;
Suitable for incubation different kind of birds: chicken, quail, duck, goose, pheasant,…
Useful utilization of fertilized eggs
Easy to operate
It is equipped with a digital thermo controller with accuracy 0.1 degree and adjustable
It is equipped with a digital hydro controller with accuracy 1% and adjustable
It is equipped with an ultrasonic mist maker ( humidifier)
It is equipped with emergency humidity element
It is equipped with USB sensors
It is equipped with a supplying circuit's fan
Ability to hatch ostrich eggs
It has a double-layer Acrylic glass
It is equipped with a permanent fan, replaceable

Body is made of PVC.
wood or metal has not been used in the machine, so it's lifetime is more than 20 years

جهازنا يعمر اکثر من عشرين سنه کونه لا من معدن و لا من خشب انما يصنع من المواد بی وی سی pvc

Our machines' body is made of the material similar to vacuum cleaners or washing machines

الغسالات أو الکهربائیة المکانس من التی نفس المواد من أجهزتنا لدی يتکون جسم الحائظ

Find its capacity in the capacity section

Thermo controller Digital, accuracy 0.1 degree
Hydro controller
Digital, accuracy 1%
Fixed and movable valves for ventilation of contaminated air
Fresh air inlets
Rotating system Automatic
Separate rotation system for each shelf
Turning gearboxes 3
Three kinds of egg tray for small, medium and large eggs
Indicator lights of gearboxes operation
ventilation system Permanent
Heater elements 2 Heater, 220 volt
Consumption Low, (90 watt)
Body PVC
two-layer insulation
Door two-layer Acrylic glass
Watching eggs easily
hatchery baskets 3 Separate basket
Washable water container
One year warranty
Five years aftersales service
Ability to hatch all kinds of birds
Voltage 220 volt/AC
Ability to work with car battery
Ability to hatch ostrich eggs
Washable body
Egg Candler
Training CD
Ability to use as a recovery unit and artificial mother

Differences between our egg incubators and other ones

Easy & Green & Gala & Mega & Uni cocks

Other egg incubators

حاضنات اخری

Low power consumption (70- 140 W)

انخفاض استهلاک الطاقة .

(70-140 W)

High power consumption (500-2000 W)

استهلاک الطاقة العالیة.

(500-2000 W)

Insulation thickness is 30 mm

سمک العزل هو 30mm

Insulation thickness is 3mm

سمک العزل هو 3mm

Each shelf has separate gearbox
Easy cocks: 3 gearboxes
Green cocks: 5 gearboxes
Gala cocks: 10 gearboxes
Mega cocks: 20 gearboxes
Uni cocks : 40 gearboxes

It has only 1 gearbox for all shelves

توجدعلبة التروس واحدة لجميع الرفوف

Body is made of ABS (Like washing machine or refrigerator)

يتکون الجسم منABS (مثل غسالة أو ثلاجة)

Body is made of wood or metal and will damage because of humidity

يتکون الجسم من الخشب و يتضرر بالرطوبة

User can wash body after each period

يمکن للمستخدم غسل جسيمة الحضانة بعد کل فترة

Body is not washable

الجسم ليس قابل للغسل

Capacity of chicken egg 126 eggs
Capacity of pheasant egg 126 eggs
Capacity of quail egg 360 eggs
Capacity of goose egg 60 eggs
Capacity of duck egg 60 eggs

1. Digital controllers

2. Electricity power

3. Mist maker (humidifier)

4. Emergency humidity element

5. Heater elements

6. Blower (fan)

7. Gearbox signal

8. Turning gearbox

9. Egg tray

10. Hatchery basket

11. Egg Candler

Humidity adjustment method :

Hold the set button for a few seconds;
Adjust the humidity with ▲ / ▼
Press the "set" button and exit.

Temperature adjustment method:

Hold the "set" button for a few seconds ;
Adjust third digit with ▼ button
press the ▲ button and adjust the middle number with ▼ button .
Press the ▲ button again to adjust the first number .
Press the "set" button and exit

All the settings have been done in the factory, do not change the setting.

Weight: 22 kg
Dimensions: 50*60*70 cm