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  Learning videos about Easy Plus( 12 Volt) Egg Incubator with artificial mother & recovery unit

  Learning videos about Easy Cocks Chicken incubator -12 Volt  

  Learning videos about Easy Cocks Chicken incubator -12 Volt  

  How to fix artificial mother & recovery units  

  View Humidity system  

If you turn on the machine without water or if the water level goes lower than its sensor, the mist maker goes off and after add the water , you must plug and unplug the mist maker connector then it starts to work again

هذا الجهاز المرطب له نظام التلقانی لقطع الکهربا،. علی هذا سوف تبطل الماکینة التشغیل ان شغلتموها دون الما، او فی حالة ینقصها الما، و بعد تزوید المرطب بالما، یجب قطع الکهربا، و ایصاله عن ردود لکی یعاد تشغیله

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  Maintanence Videos  

  Changing the fan and elements  

  Setting the humidity  

  Setting the Temperature  

  Removing the thermostat  

  Changing the Easy Cock's convertor  

  Cleaning the mist maker  

  Recovery lamp  

  Changing the power guard  

  How pour water in the machine  

  Actual View