Manual for Golden Golden G1 - 64 egg rolling tray

Manual Egg Turning

● Under the unsettling state, press the "+" key and raise your hand quickly to manually turn the eggs for 20 seconds

Restore Factory Default

Under normal working states, press "+" and hold it in place, then quickly press "-" and hold it for 3 seconds until the screen displays "88888". When you hear "di" of the buzzer, loose your hand and the machine will restore its factory default value.

Brief operation instruction and matters needing attention

1- Read the instructions carefully before doing hatching operations.
2- After powering on, the two average temperature wind speed will rotate and the white and hot wire will be heated.
3- If you purchase push-pul 55-egg egg tray, please cut of the cable tie used for fixation. then please check the connection of the egg turning motor and that of the egg tray to see whether they are strong . manually turn the egg to the initial position of the egg tray and press "+"again so that the egg tray can stop at the initial position . check the egg tray once every two days to see whether they are at the initial position.
4- There are four water tanks at the bottom shell of the foam. Generally speaking, water shallonly be added to one of them so that the humidity can be kept between 50-80. If the humidity is not enough, please add water to the second water tank. fyou buy incubators with ultrasonic humidifying functions, please make the humidiffer float on the water tank and make the sponge float downside.
5- White plastic net shall be placed inside the incubator during incubation period. Stop turning eggs during that period(unplug egg turning connectors).
6- It is recommended to restore factory Settings before each incubation.
7- Do not open the lid frequently during incubation so to avoid temperature reduction.
8- Hatching eggs should be 7-day fresh eggs, If they are more than 10 days, the hatching rate will be greatly reduced, if the hatching eggs are more than 15 days, they shallnot be hatching again
9- Candling eggs: Candle eggs after they are hatched for 7 days, take out egg without blood silks. After 14 days of incubation, dead embros without development shallbe removed to prevent the contamination of the living embryo eggs and incubators.
10- Water shall be sprayed to eges of chickens, eucks, geeseand other water birds do frik spray water on the humidity probe) so as to increase egg hatching rate. Spray water on them one or two times a day until there are some fine droplets of water on the surface of the eggshell.
11- after chicks go out of the shell , take chickens as an example , after feature of small chickens are dry , they can be taken to a warm place to raise . keep them warm , or else , chicks may be frozen to death.
12- . Aterhatching operations, please dry the incubator with cotton cloth and keep allparts dry for a long time afterall parts are dy.

Solutions to common problems

1- No power connected: The display doesn't light up. Check if indicating lights of the power adapter are on. If they are off, please check if the socket is energized and the power line is firmly connected.
2- The display screen is off when the 12V storage battery is used: positive and negative are des of the storage battery are connected reversely. Please change positions of the two clips. If the storage battery lacks electricity and if its voltage is less than 12v, please change the storage battery.
3-Temperature can not rise to 38° orso. Too many air holes are opened, tape some of them (« holes around the display screen, 4 water holes at four corners of the incubator and several small air holes around the bottom of the incubator) to reduce air circulation.
4- No egg tumine: Check the eg turning motorjont to se whether itis tighty want yOrestretadd" butonand looseitguickly,then the egg tuming lightwil be on,;check whether the motor is working ift works, the circuit and the motor can work normally. rou only need to restore the factory settings.
5- If you have any other problems, please contact our working staff.