Terms & Conditions for Sale of Products

1. Definitions

'Buyer' means the entity to which Seller is providing Products or Services.
'Products' means the equipment, parts, materials, supplies, software, and other goods Seller has agreed to supply to Buyer under the Contract.
'Seller' means the entity providing Products or performing Services.
'Services' means the services Seller has agreed to perform for Buyer.

2. Payment

2.1. Payment of invoices shall be (i) in the invoiced currency, (ii) into the bank account specified on the invoice and (iii) within ten (10) days from the date of invoice without any setoff or discount being applied.
2.2. Invoice amount is includes product's price and freight cost only to the destination airport.
2.3. Validity of the invoice is 10 days. 2.4. Buyer must pay all bank charges

3. Taxes and Duties

3.1. Buyer shall be responsible for all taxes, duties, fees, or other charges in destination. The invoice Price does not include the amount of any Buyer Taxes. If Buyer deducts or withholds Buyer Taxes, Buyer shall pay additional amounts so that Seller receives the full invoice Price without reduction for Buyer Taxes.

4. Deliveries

4.1. Buyer shall pay all delivery costs and charges or pay Seller's standard shipping charges.
4.2. Seller only delivers Products to the destination airport.
4.3. Buyer is responsible for local cargo.
4.4. Products are delivered to the cargo airport 3 days after receiving full-payment.

5. Warranty

5.1. Seller warrants that Products shall be delivered free from defects in material, workmanship and title and that Services shall be performed in a competent, diligent manner in accordance with any mutually agreed specifications.
5.2. The warranty for Products shall expire one (1) year from the invoice date.
5.3. Buyer shall bear the costs of access for Seller's remedial warranty efforts (including removal and replacement of systems, structures or other parts of Buyer's facility), de-installation, decontamination, re-installation and transportation of defective Products to Seller and back to Buyer.