Problems of wooden and metal bodies

Body's problem:
1- Heat losses in metal bodies are high and it means the most power of the element is used to warm the body. The heat is stored in metal for awhile and thermal balance of incubator is destroyed.

2- In metal bodies humidity is not increased well because the temperature of steam`s molecules in the incubator is more than the metal body`s temperature. Caused by collision of steam`s molecules with metal body, heat exchange is done and because of that the water steam is cooled and then it is distilled and drops of water gather on the body and it sweats. This defect causes to decrease the humidity and produce weak chicks and output falls. On the other hand more water is used to supply humidity.

3-There is not humidity problem in wooden and MDF bodies, but severe problem of viral infection because of virus transpiration in wooden body is possible. This disadvantage of wooden body is appeared after a long time and causes to lower output.

There are not any of above problems in PVC bodies.

Problems of turning system:
1-In most incubators, rotation speed is high. In these machines when engine starts, it vibrates that causes to tear up the airbag inside the eggs and losses of chicks.

The turning system in Cock`s incubator is multi-shelved and its rotation is so slow that you cannot see it.

2- In most incubators swing system is used for connecting racks which after awhile is suffered by corrosion and then screws places get larger and it makes a severe vibration which to tear up the airbag inside the eggs and losses of chicks.

In Cocks machine turning system is made of plastic.

Another important hint is the possibility of egg burst in this kind of machines that causes to severe pollution in the incubator.

3- In most machines, rotation is one-dimensional.

4- The turning system in majority of machines is a double-action timer and after awhile the timer works is disordered and the racks stand in indefinite angles and it leads to lower output.

In Cock`s turning system a gearbox is used and there is not any timer.

5-Most producers make the racks if that you put eggs around the tray, they hurtle with racks and it decreases the capacity.

6-Most producers make the racks with normal iron and then paint them with silver color to look galvanized.

Problems of control system:
Using analog thermostats specially mercury or mechanical or expansion types leads to some problems in incubation because this types of thermostat cannot control the set temperature and it happens in beginning of the night and peak hours of consumption.

Thermostats of the cock`s machines are electronically and with precision of centigrade degrees.

If you use an all-digital thermostat to adjust the temperature, you cannot have a precision more than 0.5 degrees and usually producers write program in a way that this fluctuation doesn't appear on the monitor. 0.5 degrees is the maximum of fluctuation of incubation.

In most machines extra watt of heater is not taken. In case of existence of this problem in the time of thermostat cut off, the temperature goes up for 2 degrees which has an effect on quality of chick`s output. Chicks with low quality have a low conversion coefficient and keeping them is not profitable.

Cock`s machines work with a minimum watt about 60 and extra watt is removed so it cannot ruin plastic parts

Problems of ventilation:
In most incubators with increased ventilation during hatching, moisture is reduced and if ventilation goes up for increasing moisture, carbon dioxide's concentration goes up and causes asphyxiation in the machine.

Problems of washing and disinfection:
In most incubators because of existence of electrical equipments in the machine, complete washing is not possible.

Cock`s machines are completely washable.