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A type automatic chicken feeder
H-type automatic chicken feeding system
Semi-automatic feeding machine

Feed Pellet Machine

Small type (HT-SP)
HT-P 1
HT-P 2
HT-P 5
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Feed Mixer Machine

Vertical Mixer
Model: HT-V 0.5
Vertical Mixer
Model: HT-V 1.0
Vertical Mixer
Model: HT-V 2.0
Horizontal Mixer
Model: HT-H 0.5
Horizontal Mixer
Model: HT-H 1.0
Horizontal Mixer
Model: HT-H 2.0
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Feed Mill Equipment

divided into two parts :
1. Feed grinder
2. Feed mixer
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Manure Removal Machine

"Cage sizes"
three tier cages is 1.8m wide, and four tier cages is 2.1m wide.
The voltage of the machine:
220v or 380v
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Poultry House Environment Control System

Exhaust Fan Cooling Pad
36 inch Exhaust Fan Power: 0.55kw 36 inch Exhaust Fan Size: 1 x 1m
50 inch Exhaust Power: 1.1kw 50 inch Exhaust Size: 1.38 x 1.38m
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Poultry Immune Machine

2 litre ULV Cold Fogging Poultry N./G.Weight 3.1/4.1Kg 5 litre Pest Control N./G.Weight 2.61kg/3.78kg
2 litre ULV Motor power (W): 800 5 litre ULV Motor power (W) : 1000
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Poultry House Atomizing Humidifier

Atomizing Humidifier:
"HT-XD-GA60X hang type" , "HT-PW60A/B/X moving type"
Motor power (W):
"39.3" , "50"
Water Misting Simple Fogger
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Poultry Lighting

Animal type :
"laying fowl", "meat fowl" , "baby fowl" , "captive animals" , "Pet bird"
Tube LED light Tube length and power:
"0.6m, 9w","0.9m, 14w","1.2m, 18w"
LED light bulb : "5w","7w","9w"
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Manure Dewatering Machine

can be used for :
"biogas" , " chicken house lighting" , "kitchen gas" , "crop farming"
Material :
"High quality 304 stainless steel"
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