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"HT-30" : 180W , 35 x 35 x 60cm "HT-40" : 1500W , 67 x 47 x 82cm
HT-50 : 1500W , 60 x 60 x 90cm "HT-60" : 2200W , 70 x 70 x 92cm
"HT-65" : 3500W , 100 x 76 x 92cm "HT-80" : 4000W , 900 x 900 x 920mm

Medium Sized Poultry Scalding and Feather Plucking Machine

"Model" : 400 chickens per hour "Voltage": 380v/220v
"Power": 18-27kw, three phrase and 380V "Size": 5000 x 1200 x 2100 mm.
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Poultry Slaughtering Line Equipment Machine For Slaughterhouse

"Main Equipment & Materials": "Living poultry killing and bleeding"
"Evisceration","Auxiliary equipment and installation material"
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 Advantages of cocksmachine's products:

 Are you looking for an egg incubator?
 We have a solution for you:
 Have you ever thought how much electricity you need to maintain to hatch chicks?
 How much fuel do you need to operate a generator to keep an egg incubator?
 How much effort do you need for producing chicks by using fuel and electricity?
 So forget the wooden and metal body egg incubators those consume higher electricity
 Our new green products will let you save our planet and your money
 For the first time battery operated egg incubator has been innovated.


 Experienced customer from Cameroon selected by the factory for representation


 Starting negotiation to give reperesentation of Sudan to MR Baida M. Alhassan


 Assignment of the representation of Togo to Mr.Achille Bawubadi Ali


 Use of Cocks Machine products on Mozambique